7 Warning Signs of Anemia

“One of the dilemmas with anemia is that the symptoms are pretty ubiquitous: tiredness, weakness, some difficulty in thinking clearly. They’re all kind of vague.” – Dr. Allen Nissenson

Not many people know the warning signs of anemia, despite the fact that iron-deficiency anemia is one of the most common forms of the subtle and quiet disease. Your body needs iron, and it is essential to the making of healthy red blood cells. Without iron, your body has trouble making the blood cells – which means that loss of blood from a cut or a woman’s menstrual cycle can cause complications.

Not to mention, being anemic in and of itself, even without blood loss, can cause trouble in one’s day to day lives. “Bleeding is one of the most prominent causes of iron deficiency, because when you bleed you lose red blood cells that contain iron,” says professor of medicine Dr. Allen Nissenson.

Therefore, knowing the signs of anemia can put everyone ahead of the curve and make sure that getting the proper diagnosis and treatment early on will prevent any complications.